Multicultural and Anti-Racist Resources

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It will take a lot more than virtue signaling, passing a collection plate, and adding some homework that will ultimately be forgotten but it’s all part of the work I eat, sleep and breathe. Click on my in bio and then click on my for a reading list. I’m working on a separate multicultural reading list for kids. #antiracisteducator #blacklivesmatter #diversityandinclusion #iteachhistory #iteachhighschool #socialstudiesteacher #history #americanstudies #americanhistory #africanamericanhistory #racism #slavery #civilrights #freedom #harlemrenaissance #langstonhughes #ellafitzgerald #chicano #latinx #latinamerica #bellhooks #feminism #heforshe #teachersofinstagram #educator #waldorfeducation #antiracismeducation #writersofinstagram #thinkers_and_writers #bookstagram

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Hello!  As a history and social studies teacher at a private high school, I help young people understand the evolution of the human consciousness and how to make sense of difficult questions of living in the social world.  I help students with the “hard yoga” — the flex-work, strengthening and breathing — of living in world.

Building diverse and inclusive communities, and undoing America’s legacy and racial inequality, will require more than virtue signaling with badges and memes or a selfie at a protest, it will take more passing the collection plate donating to a charity, and it will take more than “listening” and talking about how we listened, and “reading” and talking about what we read.   But these are all starts.  Allow me to share some of my resources and suggestions with you:

And this is just a start!  #blacklivesmatter

Be well!


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